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Exhibition : Aletta Jacobs and
the longing for politics         
IMHP means Intercultural Museum and Heritage Projects. Some people read 'I'm happy'. That's really nice.
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European Projects & Partners

The I that is part of the logo of IMHP looks like a key. Interculturality is key in society. Every individual and each group sees the other from the own point of view. The I challenges us to change the perspective and to adjust the insights in a dialogue with others.

IMHP is read by some as 'I'm happy'! Of course I’m fine with that, but officially the letters stand for Intercultural Museum and Heritage Projects.

IMHP wants to inspire people in a world full of conflict and difference to experience, research and appreciate the connections with others. Others from past and present, from here and there. Connection is the key, worldwide heritage the context and diversity the hallmark.

IMHP offers consultancy, workshops, lectures, management of exhibitions as well as research & writing. IMHP focuses on professionals in the international museum- and heritage field and its audiences. SOME BLOG TEXTS IN ENGLISH


Above: Permanent Exhibition in the Anne Frank House
Middle: Presentation Intercultural Programmes
Below: The making of Monument of pride, travelling exhibition and website

Present projects

2012 Aletta's World Travel 100 years later Presesentation on SartikaDay

projects between 2008 and 2011 still have to be updated! A.o. www.kindaandeketting.nl
Back to the Roots. Co-ops project commissioned by Kit Tropenmuseum and partners, 2007. www.co-ops.nl
Monument of Pride. Travelling exhibition and website commissioned by Ihlia-homodok, 2007.
Pom on the menu. Exhibition commissioned by Imagine Identity and Culture, 2007. www.pomophetmenu.nl

Past projects

Intangible Heritage in the Netherlands. Book commissioned by Netherlands Unesco Committee. 2006
Aletta Jacobs and the longing for politics. Exhibition in the House of Parliament 2005
Prisma project on interculturalisation of the heritage sector. Website commissioned by heritage umbrella organisations. 2004 www.prismaproject.nl/english.
Permanent exhibition in the Anne Frank House, 1999.
The glory of the unseen, the National Exhibition on Women's Labour1898, after hundred years. Commissioned by the International Information centre and Archives for the Women's Movement.

Personal profile
Dineke Stam likes variety and quality, is creative and innovative, enjoys working together, invents concepts and translates these into concrete products, has an eye for the telling detail and brings history, gender and diversity to a broad audience.

Drs. Dineke Stam read History and Women's Studies at the University of Amsterdam and worked for more than ten years for the Anne Frank House, where she created many exhibitions and researched the eye witnesses of Anne Franks Diary. She has worked at the Netherlands Museum Association as a project manager for Intercultural Programmes in the heritage sector (2001-2004). International exchange was an important aspect of this work.
Dineke Stam is founding member of the network organisation Cultuur & Co, consisting of independent specialists in the field of culture, diversity & gender. She is also member of the advisory committee of Stad en Taal , on language learning in museums.

A clog-dance with diversity. Past, present and future of the multicultural Netherlands. Article published in L'Homme, Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft . 16(2)) 2005 p. 105-112
Life Long Learning in Museums. A European Handbook (contributor) 2007.
Conference addresses, guest lectures and workshops: Museums Archives and Libraries Nordic countries (Oslo) Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam), University of Maastricht, University of Groningen, National Archives (The Hague), Netzwerk Interkultur (Wolfenbüttel Germany), Riksförbundet Sveriger Museer (Stockholm), ICOM-Cidoc (Göteborg), Association of Museums of Slovenia (Ljubliana), Museums Tell Many Stories (European Learning Partnership), OCN-Libraries and Archives (Amsterdam), Cultural Education (Brussels).

European Projects and Partners
Pro Spectatore learning partnership.
Museums Tell Many Stories learning partnership.
Instituto Beni Culturali Emilia Romagna (Italy)
Imagine IC (Netherlands)
Chester Beatty Library, Dublin (Ireland)
Engage (UK)
Città di Torino, Servizi Culturali (Italy)

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